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The Designer

My name is Trisha Radosavljevic

and I am the designer and creator at Maeberry Design. I have always had a passion to create a business that would allow me to express my artistic nature and create meaningful and timeless products.


As a wife and mother I understand the importance of items that are special, and what they can bring to your home or to your family and friends. The feeling of giving a gift to someone, the smile that it will bring and  knowing that it will be treasured forever for me is priceless. Often times it can be the smallest things that have the brightest effect in our lives. I strive to create a variety of products and always give just a bit extra  to make it unique.

My mission is to produce items that evoke emotion and make an impact in your life. Maeberry Design is driven by a passion for creating beautiful items that come from the heart.

My inspiration comes from my love of design, woodworking, all things artistic, and my family. I am always looking for ways to innovate and bring my visions to life. If you are looking for something please reach out, I am ready to help you create something meaningful and special for your home or someone you care about. 

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